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Effective tools for organizing and handling media/data on macOS.

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  • Effective tools for organizing and handling media/data on macOS.

    Just making this post to share my positive experience about Commander One, which is a good file manager for Mac in 2023.
    A long time ago when I was working as a video editor I’ve struggled with file management a lot...So I accumulated a lot of files on different hard drives, I would grab any available portable drive and dump a bunch of files on it to continue working. It was terrible because there was no structure or order to the work at all. So I was looking for hight-quality file manager that is designed specifically for Mac systems. Kind of alternative to Finder. Especially free or with reasonable price that is comparable to other apps in this category. Luckily one day I accidentally came across a Commander One. I was surprised how I hadn't used this tool before. Simply it has made managing my files much, much easier and more efficient.
    The biggest reason to use Commander One is because of its dual panel system. It comes in very handy when accessing multiple folders at once, because you can have them side by side. Not only can you have multiple folders, but it works just like Finder—you can have tabs within each panel for quicker access.
    Commander One also comes with support for hotkeys. You can find them by entering its Preferences section. An extensive list of default hotkeys is ready for you there, so all you need to do is mug up the ones you need the most. Since we are in the Preferences section, let us also talk about the Appearance tab that’s present there. It features themes that can be set according to your liking. You can use the color wheel to change the colors of the background, text, and selections, and this section even lets you alter the fonts used by the program.
    Generally the complimentary version of the software offers the fundamental file manager feature, whereas the premium version (Pro pack) encompasses extra advantages like an integrated FTP client (check out another one review about benefits of using FTP ; the capability to connect with MTP and iOS devices; supplementary archive formats like RAR, TBZ, TGZ, 7z; a terminal emulator, and additional features. The primary attraction of Commander One lies in its dual-pane file manager feature. This allows you to have two distinct paths open simultaneously, making file transfers between them exceptionally convenient.
    I can give a rating of 96 out of 100% for the design, ease of use and price.

    Hope you found something useful and new here!
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    Good article! thank you👍👍👍


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      I used Cyberduck before but it didn't work for me, too slow. Now I use Commander and it's really good in terms of interface and features​.


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        Thanks for info