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Help me rescue this adjustable desk project

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  • Help me rescue this adjustable desk project

    It's a desk that moves up and down along some Unistrut fixed the wall, with the help of a winch pulling a steel cable.
    Unfortunately the pulley mechanism is not up to the task and has failed in use, so I am looking for an alternative lifting mechanism.
    I looked at telescopic bottle jacks but the range is nowhere near enough, so now I am considering a hydraulic ram . Any other ideas or inspiration?​

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    Hmm. So far, it really doesn't look like a finished project. But you did well to come up with something of your own and start implementing it. But I'll support those who say it's better to buy a finished product. As for me, a high-quality adjustable desk will be much more reliable and ergonomic. Also, I still don't understand how you are going to mount the monitor and computer there.


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      Have you considered a long threaded bar, running on a bearing at the top, nut fixed to the work surface and a reverse-able motor to turn the rod?
      I made a motorbike lift, using that principle.​